Students Build a Community of Big Elephants at Cavitt


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At Cavitt, students can attend the Big Elephant lunch. Together, the students do activities while eating lunch.

The activities they do are mainly team building and can range from many activities that the students can partake in. On their first meeting, the students talked about their favorite things and created secret handshakes to get to know each other better.

Its main purpose is to create a community that is kinder and more positive at the school.

Assistant principal Ms. Beyer, who runs the Big Elephant lunches, believes that having a community will get more students engaged with the school. She also stated that she tries to model the program after Oakhills’s behavior program.

“It is a positive environment where the students are welcomed to join,” Ms. Beyer stated.

A student who has joined one of their meetings is Sophia Hickey. She said that she met new friends, talked about new ways to improve the schools, and Ms. Beyer listened to what the students had to say during lunch.

Hickey explained how she wishes the meetings would be more often rather than every other week.

The Positive Community joins occasionally as well. It consists of anyone who is positive and kind to make the school a better place.

Beyer explains, “I love when the kids come. They always have fun, laugh, and smile.”

The next meeting is scheduled for May 16.