New Fountain Counts on Saving Water


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A new water fountain was put in to replace an older model outside of the library.  This fountain was designed to make filling up your water bottle easier.

Our principal, Ms. Platt, collaborated with district maintenance to run electricity to the water fountain for free.

The total cost for the water fountain, labor, etc. was $1,300.

Mrs. Platt has no plans on keeping it safe over the summer but said, “I hope it gets treated with respect.”

She would also like the number in the top right corner to grow, as this shows how many plastic bottles are saved from being thrown out.

There aren’t any current plans to introduce more but we will see how the water fountain is treated.

Katelyn Khieu, who refilled her water bottle using this fountain, says that it makes it much easier to refill bottles.  She also likes how it keeps plastic water bottles out of the ecosystem, and hopes that people will not break it.