Seventh Grade Boys’ Volleyball Team Has Made Great Progress


Cavitt’s seventh grade volleyball team has given amazing effort this season.

After starting the season winless, their coach, Mrs. Peterson, was very proud of how the team has been playing and hoped to start winning games.  By May 2, the team was 3-2 and solidly in the competition to qualify for the league playoffs.

Cavitt defeated Twelve Bridges and Glen Edwards in their last two games, both played in Lincoln.

Jack Blackburn, a member of the team, wanted to play since his mom played in college, and he thought it would be a fun sport to try.

“I think we’re doing alright so far, and I’m doing pretty good for never playing the sport before,” states Blackburn.

Another player on the team, Tyler Williams, was encouraged to participate after he enjoyed the volleyball unit in physical education. He claims that the team could be more successful if they just put in a little more effort.

While Williams enjoys playing in the back row because he gets to return all the opposing teams’ serves, Blackburn prefers the front row since spiking the ball at people is his favorite.

Although many boys on the team have never had experience in volleyball, Mrs. Peterson has been involved with the sport in the past. She played the sport when she was in junior high and has been coaching volleyball for about ten years.

In the preseason, the seventh graders played their best game of the season against Springview. They took the Eagles of Springview to the final set, where they ended up losing.

Overall, the seventh grade boys’ volleyball team has come very far, and everyone seems to be pleased with how the season has been going.