Hannah Harrison: The Great Golfer


Eighth grader Hannah Harrison has a special talent for golfing, and she plays in some of the highest level tournaments possible.

She started golfing when she was four years old and was very happy she started playing golf early and had fun all of the time.  At this point, she has already won 66 tournaments. “I have been in too many tournaments to count,” Harrison says.

She will play at the Junior World qualifying tournament at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento May 5, and if she qualifies, she will advance to another round in San Diego.

“I like golf because it’s an individual sport, and I love to play in tournaments with my friends,” Harrison says.

She started golf because she just moved to Granite Bay and joined the Granite Bay Golf Club. Sometimes Hannah goes out to the driving range with her dad and then she just progressed from there.

Seeing that most of her family play or played golf is what pushed her to play golf and she said, “My dad especially pushed me to play golf so I went out with my family and started playing more and more.”

Hannah stated, “My favorite part about golf is playing in tournaments and is competing. I also love going out with my friends for fun.”

In addition to this weekend’s Junior World tournament, Harrison will also play in the U.S. Golf Association Girls Junior AM qualifier June 18 in Monterey.

With the success she has had, her future aspirations are grand: “I want to play golf in college, and I want to be a professional golfer,” she says.

Harrison mainly practices at Granite Bay Golf Club to perfect her hits and skill with her golf clubs.