7th Graders Apply for WEB


On April 11, all seventh graders who applied for WEB, Where Everyone Belongs, were interviewed by current WEB leaders with teachers watching in the gym. There were about 80 students total.

“This is our third year doing WEB,” states Mr. Cook, one of the WEB coordinators. “We’re trying to continue to make people feel welcome, and that’s the goal of WEB.”

Different WEB leaders came in each period, and everyone got the same questions. However, they could add their own questions if they had spare time.

There were two parts to the interview: the design challenge and the actual interviews. The design challenge was where applicants had to solve a challenge, and for the interviews, WEB leaders asked questions, looking for speaking skills and confidence in applicants.

For the interview, there were three types of questions: your biggest inspiration, your biggest argument and how you got through it, and a decision you regret making and how you would change it.

Each activity lasted about half of the period. Twelve people were brought in at a time, with six students per each activity.

The applications were due before spring break, and the next WEB event is the Spring Play Day, on May 23. It’s to help the new WEB leaders have a bit of fun and introduce the activities they will do during the summer.

The interviews took place throughout the first, second, and third periods. The rest of the day was spent deciding on the new leaders.

“I really like being a WEB leader and helping new students,” says Katelyn Khieu, a current WEB leader. “It’s nice to see them thrive.”

Mr. Cook said that the program is pretty new for the entire school district.  Olympus introduced WEB at their campus a year before Cavitt did.

“I had never heard about it until Olympus did it. They heard about it through their vice principal,” said Cook.