7th Grade Softball Is 5-2


The Cavitt seventh grade softball team started the season out undefeated. Then, after a tough game against Twelve Bridges they got their first loss.  With one regular season game left, Cavitt’s record is 5-2 and second place in the league.

Mr. Cook, one of the coaches, said, “The team is doing very well this season.” He thinks they will have a top spot in the league tournament, which will be held on May 8.

They are a good defensive team and he said “We need to pitch and field” in order to win.

Many of the team’s games have been close — with three decided by a single run — and Mr. Cook said he likes to play in close games because every hit counts.

Keira Bone, Taylor Jeffery, Anne Oei, and Sasha Howard have all hit well this season.

Reagan Gotham, one of the players, said she started to have fun, and coach Mr. Robertson encouraged her to try out for the team.

She plays first base, pitcher, and sometimes outfield. She has been playing since the season started and has been doing well in all areas.

Another player, Kate Broers, said she started because she wanted to try something new. She started softball this year.  The positions she plays are third base, outfield, and sometimes second base. She has been hitting well and fielding well.