Time Spent on Homework Can Vary


On the average school night, students at Cavitt spend anywhere from 15 minutes to two and a half hours working on homework.

One of the reasons why students may have more homework on some nights than others is because a student might have a big project that they work on for an hour every night.

Mrs. Kornelis, a science teacher, stated that she probably assigns about 10 to 15 minutes of homework per weeknight.

“I don’t assign homework every single night, just on most nights. I assign it to help reinforce, learn, and prepare,” she states. “The homework that I do assign is strategically planned to help students learn the content and prepare for exams.”

On Fridays, however, she doesn’t usually assign any homework. This is because she wants students to have a break.

“I like the students to enjoy their weekend without having to worry about doing any schoolwork.”

Juliana Weinstein, a seventh grader here at Cavitt, usually tries to do her homework at Study Hall, which is every day and starts as soon as school gets out.

She usually doesn’t try to get her homework done in class. “If I have spare time in class, I work on homework ahead of time. Otherwise, I don’t.”

When it comes to subjects in school, Weinstein doesn’t have just one favorite subject. “I enjoy many of my subjects,” she states. “The hardest subject for me is probably math because you have to use methods to do the problems. This means it takes the longest.”

The average time spent doing homework on a weeknight is about 1 hour to 1½ hours. The times vary because not everyone has the same teacher, so they might have more homework than others.