Jonathan Webber’s Fun Trip to Rome

Jonathan Webber went on a very fun trip to Italy over spring break.

He went to Rome and Florence, but he enjoyed Rome more than Florence.

Webber really enjoyed his trip, and he said, “It was very interesting.”  He also got to try new things, such as the Italian food and Italian gelato, which he thought was quite enjoyable.  

Webber went on his trip with his immediate family, his mom, dad, and sister.

He said the plane ride was very boring; he had 14 hours of playing plane games.

Webber says if he had a chance to visit Rome again, he would. The only time he wouldn’t go is the summer, because it would be too hot.

The trip changed his perspective on Roman history because now he has seen many Roman structures. He now understands how the Romans used to live and thrive. He visited the colosseum and he used to think it was an enormous structure but now he thinks, “It’s cool.”

All in all, Webber’s 12-day trip was very fun. He really enjoyed his trip and so did his family.