Fortnite Grows in Popularity with Students


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Fortnite Battle Royale is a 100-person PvP game, and it’s popularity has grown over the past few months. The game has added many more features to appeal to everyone.

A Battle Royale game is where you drop into a map, and start with no weapons. The goal is to survive as long as possible.

One PS4 player of the game said he has played the game since early December and it is one of his favorite games. He plays about 15 hours each week and has 40 wins.

Some of the streamers he watches are Ninja and Myth. He uses the Wukong skin, and has spent $30 on the game already. He plays with his friends,  and sometimes alone.

Another player of the game, Jack Blackburn, plays on Xbox One, and has played since early December.  

Also, he said that he usually plays with friends. Blackburn said “ I think I’m a good teammate to play with.”

He has spent $75 on the game, and usually uses the John Wick skin with a black knight back bling. His favorite streamer to watch is Ninja. He plays about 15 hours a week.

Another Xbox player of the game, Vince Vergara, said he has played since January and he uses the Havoc.

He has spent $10 on the game, and normally plays six to eight hours a week. He can only play on the weekends and on mobile.

Many people play in different modes and times. In about a month, the modes offered could be completely different.

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