Talent Show Is Coming


Picture this, you’re up on a stage performing your favorite song with people watching in awe as you hit every single note perfectly. You finish your song and you look up to see not just your parents crying, but some other people in the audience that are crying. This is one of the best days of your life, and it is only the start.

This may be what you feel on the last day of school if you show your talent in the Talent Show, which is called Cavitt’s Got Talent.

Cowboy Council has organized the last couple of years of the talent show and they’re organizing this talent show as well. On Thursday, May 17th there was an introductory meeting to explain how you can sign up.

Rehearsals were held on May 24 with additional rehearsals on May 31 and June 5.

“The purpose of the talent show,” says Mr. Wilson who is organizing with Mrs. Peterson, “Is to recognize talent outside of school.”

Mr. Wilson hopes there are going to be a lot of acts this year, and he likes organizing the talent show because, “It is always a cool time of year and I like it when the audience claps approval and gives standing ovations,” says  Mr. Wilson.

The announcers for Cavitt’s Got Talent are Sophia Hickey, Ryan Gharib, Elle Brommeland, and Christine Correy

At the introductory meeting on May 18th, many students showed up. Some are not sure if they are going to actually be in the talent show, but the students who signed up were Caitlin Roig who is playing “All of Me” by ThePianoGuys on the piano, Tyler Simmons is singing “Stronger Than You” from Steven Universe, Christine Corry is sing and playing the ukulele “Jar of Hearts” by Christine Perry, Gina Musso is singing, Paige Rust is playing “Time” by Hans Zimmer on the piano, Alexa Hudson is singing, and a trio of Abby Johnson, Sophia Weige, and Claire Sawyer are singing “All of Me” and dancing.

Riley Wiseman is singing an opera song called “Carmen”, Chase Knieriem is duck calling, Prini Senthil is singing, Nick Kappos is playing the piano and possibly singing the clean version of “Sad”, Zoe Sherrets is singing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, Juliana Weinstein might sing, and finally, a band of Natalie Stebbins on the tenor sax, Jenn Wolfe on trumpet, Gianna Siaca on trombone, Angelina Christe on bass, Elle Danielson on piano, and Bree Donahue will play “The Incredibles.”

Last year Macey Pegram sang, Addison Atkin performed on the guitar, and the jazz and concert bands performed.

The year before there were more people. Carson Winey sang, a band with Rayna Frayji as the singer, Matthew Wilson on guitar, Zach Bader on piano, and Paul Stamas on drums played, then the next person was Jenna Barnett who sang, then Annie Myette-Doan playing on the piano. Addison Atkin played solo guitar, after that Lizzy Tatum sang,  Jon Gerwitz sang and played the guitar, and, finally, Pegram sang.