Call Of Duty WWII Is Amazing


Call Of Duty World War 2 is a great game. The Multiplayer mode is the best part because it reminded me of the old Call Of Duties where you are on your feet, and you shoot everyone instead of the past games where you have a jetpack and are flying around the whole game. They also made a great zombies mode this time, which is much better than any they have made in my opinion.

Zombies in COD WWII is one of best they have made in years. There are side quests where you can make a special gun called the Tesla Gun which you can infuse it by doing more secret things like blowing the head off a statue and bringing it to a tube filled with colored gel. If you continue the questline, you find the character that is missing from zombies attached to a giant pile of zombies that tries to kill you. His name is the Panzermorder, and you can shoot him to death or knock these things out of the sky and attach them to him to blow him up. He is very difficult because it takes a while to initiate the boss fight and he is very fast with lots of health so I have never been able to kill him, but I still love the zombies.

I liked the campaign, but I personally don’t like playing the campaigns. I know most people don’t really play them either but if you do like playing the campaign you will probably really like it. I don’t want to go into detail because that would spoil it and take all the fun out of playing it. It is very satisfying visually and has lots of cool missions to play that make it really seem like you are in WWII.

The guns look really authentic and so do the maps. The maps make you feel like you are really fighting in WWII because there are explosions everywhere and destroyed buildings. In one map there is a giant cannon that you fight on.

COD WWII is visually appealing and has great gameplay. The bullets fly straight and go fast like a real bullet. Also, if you want to win a game, you don’t have to go around searching for loot and whoever gets the best loot wins, all that matters is that you have a gun that you like and are good with so you can kill them easily.

Overall, COD WWII is a very good game that I recommend it to everyone who is mature enough to handle it. The only downside is that it is sort of expensive, but this is normal for a fairly new game, and it will most likely drop in price soon, so if it’s in your budget to buy it, I highly recommend it. The game normally costs $60 but you can find it on eBay for around $30. I would rate this game an A because it is very good and you can tell a lot of hard work went into making it.