Girls Don’t Belong in the Boy Scouts


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Boy Scouts for 108 years was a boys only club. Now that a girl has joined the scouts, this has many people in dismay. A girl, in the boy scouts, that can simply not happen.

There are two main clubs, the Boy Scouts, and the Girl Scouts. This really can’t be that difficult to understand that if you’re a girl, you go to the Girl Scouts, and if you’re a boy go to the Boy Scouts. If girls want to do the things that guys do, then the girl scouts should change their policies. It isn’t fair that boys must have change in something that they are already content with.

If girls aren’t happy with what is provided in the Girl Scouts, then they should change their own club.

Now that girls are allowed into the Boy Scouts, the activities are going to change, severing the opportunity for boys  to participate in masculine activities. Boys need to learn from other men how to behave so they can imitate their actions and become better men. Now that girls will be a part of this process, it will be harder for these younger boys to grow into the men they need to be.

The boys may not be comfortable sharing their more manly activities with young girls. As a Boy Scout, you go on camping trips and other excursions. These may be butchered due to the new girls coming aboard the trip; it may even ruin the entire experience.

Even though the Boy Scouts are accepting girls, the Girl Scouts have no plans to accept any boys. When I first read this, I was upset. If the boys are going to have to share their organization with girls, the girls should be opening their organization to boys, or they should at least start making changes to lure the girls back into their organization. Moving forward, if one scout’s organization is going to be open to one gender, it should be open to both.

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