7th Grade Softball Won League


Our seventh grade Cavitt Cowgirls won the softball league championships on May 8, 2018, at Glen Edwards and received a beautiful banner that hangs on the walls of the multi purpose room. The eighth grade qualified for the playoffs, but ended up losing 22-4 against Olympus in the first round of the league tournament.

The seventh grade softball team was over the moon excited to have won the championships. “I was excited and happy to win the championships,” Reagan Gotham said. Coach Mr. Robertson claims, “I felt ecstatic and extremely happy for the girls!”

Both teams played a great game for playoffs. If they won, they would then play another game to win the prize! Sadly, our eighth graders lost their first game against Olympus 22-4. On the brightside, seventh grade girls won their first game against Olympus 10-5. Then they played Twelve Bridges to win the whole thing, beating them 7-4.

Gotham was playing outfield when they took the win. Taylor Jeffery played phenomenally and pitched the whole game. The other players played great defense and put their best effort into it.

Seventh grade won the majority of their games, and had a winning record of 7 wins and 3 losses.

They also did great on offense! Keira Bone went six for six, and scored five runs, in the two playoff games. Shea Cook hit amazingly with three hard-hit doubles. On defense, Taylor Jeffery pitched lights out.

Our Cavitt Cowgirls had an amazing season. They loved hanging out as friends and most importantly a team. Mr. Robertson said his favorite part of the season was watching the girls grow and get better. Gotham states, “My favorite part was probably getting to know people on the team, and having awesome experiences.”

Cavitt softball had a bit of a rough start to the season with having a minimal number of girls, but they got their act together and came out with 13 kids for 7th grade, and 12 for 8th.

The softball games go for about one hour, according to PE teacher and head softball coach, Mr. Robertson.