Students and Staff Can’t Wait for Summer to Start


Excited, students and staff members can’t wait for summer to start. Many students are going to many very cool places during the break.

Summer is a very fun time to hang out with friends, swim, camp, and go on vacation.

One student, Mustapha Hadi, said he will be swimming and hanging out with friends. He is also going to England and said “ I’m excited because I’ve never been”

Cavitt’s librarian Mrs. Kudrimoti is also going to England for her first time and has family visiting during this summer.

Jacob Olberding is going to Costa Rica this summer.

Mr. Cook is going on the school trip to  Washington D.C., and he is going back to D.C. with Shea Cook and the rest of his family along with Mr. Robertson, Riley Robertson, and their family this summer.

Gavin Astle is going to be swimming and going on a cruise with his family this summer.

Clara Marks said she will be horseback riding and going to a camp for horseback riding.

Jack Blackburn is going to Catalina Island, going on various camping trips, and go to Sunsplash this summer.

These Cavitt students and staff are all going very exciting places during the break.