8th Graders Learn How To Make The Right Choice


On Friday, May 11, the eighth graders visited Olympus. Eighth graders learned how to make the right choice from police officers, search and rescue teams, the SWAT team, etc;

   Nicole Hession, community information officer with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, said, “I like to participate in this program because I really like to get involved in helping out the community.” A community information officer is an officer that lets the community know about the sheriff’s department through social media.

   Bill Goldsmith, in the search and rescue team, says, “these different vehicles help with the missions to find people.”

   Mr. Cook, an eighth grade teacher, says, “I hope this Right Choice program makes students aware of the impact of the decisions to start drugs. Students know that drug use is harmful, but while people think this is just a fact, we do not tend to personalize this. I liked how the first part showed students how the police community works and how different police departments work. The second part was very important and serious and the students took it very seriously too. I would guess that most teachers know someone whose life was ruined or ended because of drugs. I see this as a really critical message to a really critical age.”

   Carter Neumann, an eighth grade participant, said, “This could happen to anybody and showed everybody that there are better choices to make.”

    Matthew Bradley, an eighth grade participant, said, “This showed me more reasons to turn down drugs.”

   Sam Weltsch, an eighth grader, said, “ I saw the actual outcome of a bad decision.”

   Nathan Sahlberg, an eighth grader, said, “I was impacted because if I chose drugs, my life would be ruined.

   Finally, eighth graders were all impacted by how drugs affect people’s lives every day.