Cavitt Volleyball Season Comes to an End


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The Cavitt volleyball season ended on a good note for both teams. Both teams made it to the playoffs for their division.

The eighth graders made it to the playoffs as the first seed. They went undefeated in the regular season.

The seventh graders made it to the playoffs as the third seed. They had a rough start of their season but soon started winning.

The eighth grade team played Twelve Bridges and beat them in two games. In the championship they played the Bobcats of Chilton and were defeated in two games.

The 7th grade team lost to the Chilton Bobcats by battling back to win one of the games, then lost in the last.

The seventh team had a record of 3-7 and the eighth graders had a record of 9-2 and went undefeated in the regular season.

One of the seventh grade players, Ryan Gharib, said that he really enjoyed the sport and will play next year.   Gharib said that his team really improved, but he choked in the playoffs, and did really bad.

Mrs. Peterson, the coach, has never had a seventh grade team make it to the playoffs for all of the years she has coached, so this year showed real progress for Cavitt.

Gharib also said that we need more people to sign up so we have a better selection and so our team can be much better.

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