8th Graders Go on a Field Trip to the Capitol


Cavitt students toured the State Capitol on May 9, 2018.

Mr. Woodland, an eighth grade history teacher, states on a document, “Our trip to the California State Capitol building this week has many purposes. The most important purpose is for you to see democracy and representative government in action from your state. Another purpose of the trip is to visit the numerous memorials so that we remember the many Californians who have sacrificed their lives. We will learn important history facts from your research as we visit many exhibits, paintings, statues, and symbols of our past.”

Some of the tour stops include: Assembly Gallery, Senate Gallery, Rotunda, Hearing room to meet with our assembly member, Capitol architecture, and the following memorials: Vietnam, CA Veterans, Civil War grove, Firefighters, Father Serra, Thomas Starr King. This list does include many other little stops.

To reinforce the learning, students on the tour do a report. The requirements for the report is to inform other students on specific monuments or facts about the capital.

At each stop, the students present the report to their group.

Mr. Woodland stressed greatly that the field trip was very serious rather than the other nonchalant field trips students went on in the past.

The behavior requirement is to be polite in general and be mindful of others, such as professionals. Some of the rules are to walk around and observe the symbols, words, and images, do not stand around socializing, and remember the purpose of this trip.

On the trip, students are allowed to use their phones, but only to take pictures; not at another time, except when lost.

Mr. Cook, an eighth grade history teacher states, “I think it is really important for students to see and appreciate the California government; it affects all of our lives.”

Ally Bader reported, “I liked going into the Assembly gallery. It was really great to learn and observe how bills and laws were passed.”

Elle Danielson stated, “My favorite part of the trip was visiting the Vietnam memorial. It was inspiring to see all the people who had died for our nation.”

As of now, Mr. Cook and Mr. Woodland are thinking about moving the trip to October next year. This is so it connects more with the civics unit.