Let’s Go Green!


Many of the beverages offered at the snack bar are recyclable, and numerous students purchase them.  Just think about how much more money can be made and the benefits it offers for our environment. Recycling is great for countless reasons, and should definitely take place at Cavitt Jr. High School.  If there is already a process in place, it should be improved since I’ve never heard of recycling at Cavitt.

For instance, recycling conserves natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, and saves energy.  Statistics from the United States Environmental Protection Agency show that recycling one ton of paper can save about trees and 17,000 gallons of water! If wastes weren’t recycled, they would end up in combustion and release greenhouse gases.  Fortunately, a single tree can get rid of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere every year. By recycling, more trees can be saved to keep a well-balanced level of carbon-dioxide. When compared to companies that use raw materials, companies that recycle aluminum save up to 95 percent energy during production of aluminum products.

When you recycle, you help reduce waste and accumulation in landfills.  Some landfills are overflowing, and cities near oceans have been polluting the water due to excessive landfill.  As much as 60-75 percent of waste can be recycled, allowing 65-75 percent less land designated for waste in the future.  An average American produces about 1600 pounds of waste, and by recycling, one person can reduce that amount significantly.

It can also lead to creation of jobs and technological advancements.  If recycling ramps up, more recycling plants will be set up, meaning more job opportunities.  Today, social pressure to embrace more eco-friendly practices has increased, forcing companies to incorporate recycled materials into their products.

Besides, Ridgeview Elementary, a school in the Eureka Union School District, recycles and raises money for the EcoLab.  During EcoLab “work days”, parents volunteer to take the recycling to a center to redeem money. They started recycling the school year of 2014-15, raising $233.74.  However, their earnings have increased hugely over the years. $2,016.35 was produced in the 2015-16 school year, $2,215.88 from 2016-17, and $3,333.87 made just this year.  

Recycling at Cavitt can be an easy task.  We could start by using a trash can to collect recyclables, and then purchase containers specifically for recycling.  Different colored bins would make it clear to students where to put their recycling.

To deposit the recycling, students/staff could volunteer to take it to recycling centers every month or donate it to Ridgeview Elementary School.  

Mrs. Kinloch, a sixth grade teacher at Ridgeview, explains how she would be happy to help Cavitt and share the processes they use.

If other students have tried to start recycling, we could improve their methods and make sure the school knows about it.  For instance, there could be announcements on CTV and posters around the school.

There are many reasons why we should recycle.  Not only is it good for our environment, but it can also raise money for our school.  Let’s go green!