New Game Perfect for Harry Potter Lovers


Recently, a new highly enjoyable mobile game came out. It’s called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Warner Bros. Interactions and Portkey Games released it this year.

In the game, you can learn new spells and potions as you progress through each year in the game. Every year, you unlock a new class, starting with Charms, Flying, and Potions.

When you first begin playing, you design and name your avatar. However, if a name is already taken, you can’t use it, and you have to find a different name.

Your character earns points in four different categories: bravery, empathy, knowledge, and experience. You can level up by collecting these points in classes, making decisions when talking to other characters, and sometimes when you earn stars in different tasks.

To do various activities, it’s necessary that you use energy. Eventually, you run out of energy, and you have to wait for it to refill. You earn one energy unit per four minutes. However, there is at least one thing that you can tap on that gives you one extra energy unit in each area.

Although this is a really fun game, there are some problems, including that a recent update made it so you can’t play if you can’t get into your restrictions.

Another problem with this game is the fact that you only get one try to cast a spell when first learning it. It would make more sense if you have enough experience, then you could retry casting the spell.

The graphics in this game are really good. It doesn’t seem that there are any glitches.

Overall, the game took about two weeks to get through the first year, and the length of time to complete the years after it increased. This probably is due to the fact that you need more stars in years to come to unlock new spells.

After playing Hogwarts Mystery, it seems appropriate to give it a B+ because there are some factors that could use improvement, but overall, it’s extremely fun. If you decide to check it out, then you should know that it is free to purchase, with the only cost in the game being that you can spend money to buy gems, coins, and extra energy.