NBA 2K18 Best NBA Video Game Yet


NBA 2K18 is a basketball game where you can either choose to play as your favorite team, or you can make a character which you can make a whole career. You can choose from a variety of teams to play with and also make a unique one. In my opinion, this game is getting much better and I love these new features. It is my favorite sports game out of all the other ones I have played.

It was officially made in January 2017, but released worldwide on September 19, 2017.  When it was released, people really loved it because it brought a new perspective to the 2k series and many people loved this new game.

My favorite game mode is the “my career” mode because you can make your own player and live the life of an NBA All-Star. This is a mode where you can create a player and take it through the years of college, and finally make it to the NBA. After that, you can live the life of an NBA all-star. You earn money that you can use to upgrade your player.

There is no story mode in this game which is kind of a let down to me because I enjoy the kinds of games with a mode like this.

The graphics of this game are pretty good and I would give them an 8 out of 10. One of the bad things about the graphics is that sometimes the players become blurry and when they are talking, their mouths aren’t moving. They should improve this feature because it defeats the purpose of the players looking real.

Another problem with this game is that it keeps freezing. It is annoying when you try to play the game, and all the sudden it freezes. It makes the game not fun.

This game costs around $30 to $50, depending on which console you are playing it on, and where you are buying it.

One of the biggest pros of this game is that you can play on your phone whenever or wherever. If you are bored, you just whip it out and start playing.

This is my favorite game to play at home because of all these great qualities. The fact  that you can play it on mobile just makes it even more fun.

This is an overall great game and my rating for it is an A- because although it has great game modes and graphics, it lags sometimes, which is a big part.