On Friday, June 1st, the Last Rally Will be Taking Place


On Friday, June 1 Cavitt’s Cowboy Council  is going to be holding a Summer Beach Rally.

Students and teachers will be participating in fun beach themed games in the last rally of the 2017/2018 school year on June 1.

During the last rally, people are going to be sitting on towels and chairs on the shaded hill on the back field, instead of the gymnasium, to watch the rally.

To enjoy the last week of school, 25 participants of students and staff will be competing in games, but it is different from other rallies.

The end of the year rally might run longer than other rallies, and will not have spirit teams competing against each other, instead it will be first period classes competing against each other.

Each first period class will sign up for events before the rally, so they know what they are competing in.

“I’m excited about the rally. It’s always a fun experience at the end of the year.”  says Mr. Wilson, the teacher planning the rally with cowboy council. “It’s fun to see teachers join in and get wet.”

Some of the eight events planned are the Water Balloon Toss, Watermelon Eating Contest, Beach Ball Relay, and many more.

Olivia Wiese says, “The upcoming rally should be extremely fun! I am excited for it because they are very fun to watch and sometimes participate in.”

This will be a very exciting event to wrap up the year, and many people are looking forward to the last rally of the 2017/2018 school year.