Fortnite Is One Of The Greatest Games Ever

I love the game Fortnite so much. There are two modes in Fortnite, Battle Royale and Save The World. Battle Royale is a co-op mode. Save The World is the campaign mode for this game.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a 100-person PvP game, and it’s popularity has grown over the past few months. The game has added many more features to appeal to everyone. A Battle Royale game is where you drop into a map, and start with no weapons. The goal is to survive as long as possible.

There is an in game currency called v-bucks that you can only obtain by spending money or playing save the world. You can also get them by buying the battle pass and tiering up.

The Battle Pass is something that you can earn rewards from and you have to play the game a lot to level up.

There is an item shop where you can spend your v-bucks to buy dances, skins and pickaxes. At the bottom of the shop it says that the item are cosmetics only and they do not grant any competitive advantage.

My favorite gun is the legendary bolt action sniper because I am really good at sniping people.

My favorite skin to use is the John Wick with the Black Knight backpack.

Save The World is a PvE mode where you defend the world from a evil storm that releases monsters. You can move to different parts of of the world and fight monsters to save different things. You can save people, robots, and machines that fight the world. You can get different heroes and different weapons to upgrade.

This game gets an A+ in my opinion. I like it because of the customization and the ability to play with your friends. The Battle Royale game mode is free but the Save The World part costs $40 for the worst version which is still amazing. I recommend this game to anyone that wants to have fun with your friends and wants to mess around on a fun video game.