Awards Assembly Set for June 5


The Awards Assembly is an assembly we go to at the end of the year to celebrate seventh and eighth grade academic achievements.

This year, we will be doing the assembly on Tuesday, June 5 from 9:25-10:25 a.m.

The assembly also recognizes elective performances.

If you’ve done a great job in your elective, you may have a chance to get called up.

If you have played on one of Cavitt’s sports teams and became league champions, you will be recognized.

If you are part of W.E.B., you will also get a little reward for graduating.

Anyone with a 4.0 will also be recognized, as well as a 3.5 and above.

Mrs. Platt says “We try to celebrate as many students as we can,” and even if the school can’t, she is proud of every student.

The Awards Assembly will be a great time where we will be able to celebrate each others’ achievements.