Cavitt Students Participated in College Week


Students at Cavitt participated in an event organized by CJSF called college week from May 21st to the 25th.

The purpose of this week was to encourage and excite kids about college.

In the previous week, each classroom decided on a college with two backup ones to represent.

After the students picked the college, each first-period class got to decorate their doors and windows. Some classes decorated their doors with their college’s colors, the school’s mascot, and a few famous alumni.

Every morning on CTV, there was a call in contest. CJSF decided the questions, and teachers dialed into Mr. Woodland’s room to tell him the answer.

On Wednesday, the 23rd, students were encouraged to dress in their school’s colors or college gear.

Friday, the 25th, students also had the option to dress in college clothing, but clothing from any college was acceptable.

At the end of the week, certain classes earned points from each activity. Each trivia call in contest was worth five points if won. For the window decorating, first place got 15 points, second place got 10 points, and third place received 5 points. By dressing in their college gear, classes also got points similar to the window decorating point system.

The class with the most points was awarded Krispy Kreme.

Mrs. Randall, one of the winners, won both the door decorating contest and Tuesdays trivia for a total of 20 points. Mr. Cook’s class tied when winning Thursday’s and Friday’s trivia as well as second for the college spirit.

When the competition was over, classes got to play games outside on the grass during lunch. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the games were canceled.