8th Graders Graduating From Cavitt


As the year goes on, the eighth graders at Cavitt Jr. High slave away with one goal in mind, graduating.

The graduation ceremony will take place on June 6th, at 7:00 p.m. 220 eighth graders are graduating in 2018.

As the days count down till their graduation, nerves are raising in anticipation and excitement for their future.

When Mr. Cook, a eighth grade history teacher, was asked if his students were ready for high school, he responded, “Yes, no question about it.” He also said, “By about Christmas I was very confident in my classes. This year students came in with a very high level of intellect, and we got where we needed very quickly.”

Cavitt has previously scored very high on the state standardized test, so a teacher explaining that their class came in at a high level makes sense.

The graduation ceremony will be held on the black top in-between the small gym and the field.

During the ceremony two speeches will be given, an opening speech from Claire Sawyer, and a closing speech from Olivia Hempstead. The Master of Ceremonies is Nick Kappos. There will also be a principal’s address made by Principal Platt.

During the ceremony, the Cavitt band will perform as the eighth graders enter, and when exiting as well.

Three major awards will be given, the Kiwanis award, and two American Legion awards. To earn one of these awards  a student must be strong academically, have good citizenship, and be a good leader. The teachers at Cavitt met on May 14th to discuss and vote on which students would win. Nobody except the teachers at that meeting know who will win, for they will be announcing at the ceremony who will receive each award.