Some PE Units Should Change


There are some PE units that our school does that switches off every other year so everyone does them, but only once unlike the other units where everyone can do them twice. Some of these sports include wrestling, soccer, and lacrosse. In my opinion, these should be full time, and we should also add some sports that we play as school sports or just teams like tennis or some of the track and field sports.

We should also add full court tennis to the curriculum for PE because we have a tennis team, but kids don’t get their in school practice. Most kids don’t have the time to practice on their own time so they need to have some time set aside in school. I believe that if the PE units are school sports they should be at the same time. This will help the kids practice and get better without having to do it at home. It is known that many kids don’t have spare time with all of our schoolwork. So practicing softball, basketball, football etc. will make all the kids on the team a little better.

Most kids who play sports are well rounded and also do other extracurricular activities. So they live a controlled, but busy life. Some people like it, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re used to doing it, you’ll like it. I would like to see that some of the form being taught is corrected. I’ve done some of these sports and know what they are teaching isn’t always complete. Also, the P.E. teachers aren’t teaching all of the techniques for the sport. In softball, the kids who don’t play didn’t get much teaching on how to swing.

It would be nice if some of these things were changed. Having these problems fixed will help kids who want to play the sport in the future. I play a lot of sports, and it is pleasing to have the teachers teaching the right form to kids.