Cavitt Gets a New Librarian


When students came back from Thanksgiving Break, they were surprised to see a new librarian. The old librarian, Mrs. Wilson had moved to a new job in the office, and Mrs. Kudrimoti had became the new librarian.

Mrs. Kudrimoti loved her time this year working with all of the wonderful kids, and plans on having the same experience next year.

“ Every kid this year was wonderful, and I had a great experience this year overall,” said Kudrimoti.

One of her goals for next year is to memorize everyone’s name, as well as getting a lot more books for the library.

“She was very nice and always helped me find a good book to read,” said seventh grader Tyler Wittwer.

One eighth grader, Logan Mueggenburg, enjoyed how helpful Mrs. Kudrimoti was this year.

Mrs. Kudrimoti’s favorite thing this year was the poem in your pocket day. She enjoyed the poem in your pocket day because there was about seventy kids who came up to her and read a poem.

Other activities that Mrs. Kudrimoti enjoyed were the bookmark contest and makerspace in the library.

Makerspace was taught by Mrs. Laurin once a week during lunch this year. Mrs. Kudrimoti enjoyed watching the kids learn and learning something new herself.

Overall, Mrs. Kudrimoti enjoyed being able to bond with all the students this year and hopes to have a similar experience next year.