We Should Have Coed Sports


Here at Cavitt, we have a variety of sports for boys and girls such as basketball, softball, volleyball, track and field, cross country, and more. Though we have those, we don’t have any sports’ teams with a mix of boys and girls with the exception of flag football, cross country, and track and field, and wrestling. Personally, I think that we should have coed sports in our school for a variety of reasons.

My definition of coed sports are school teams with boys and girls playing on the same squad, with both genders pitching in to make the team great.

First of all, we would be able to win more banners to hang up in the multi-purpose room since there would be more chances to win league!

Also, if we have coed sports, more people would join Cavitt Jr. High School. I say this because we would have a great reputation in fairness and equality, and the word would get around that Cavitt is an amazing school. With coed sports, kids would learn mutual respect for one another, especially the opposite gender. They would also learn confidence and cooperation.

Another reason may be that with these mixed teams, shy students might make new friends, perhaps with the opposite genders, and our school would become closer as a family.

In Active Kids magazine, it states that having coed sports can allow boys and girls to not only choose a team based on their gender, but on their ability to play. This makes competition better because it can increase skill, and talented players can play among their peers.

It is so disgusting that some people think that boys and girls should have separate sports because they are either too rough or dangerous. Lets be one of the first schools to have many coed sports teams!

Some sports that should be coed is volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, badminton, field hockey, and more. Cavitt should step up and make a change for our world!

Personally, it would make our school so much better if we have more coed sports because it can possibly make more people join Cavitt, girls can do anything boys can do, and it will give us a chance to win more banners. Let’s make coed sports happen, Cavitt!