“Tom Clancy’s The Division” Making a Comeback


With the recent 1.8 update of “Tom Clancy’s The Division”, there has been a flock of players coming back to the game or trying it for the first time. The Division is on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I love this new update and I play it whenever none of my friends are on Fortnite.

In the game you are part of a secret agency called The Division, and you are trying to take back New York from three groups of bad people who are: 1. The Rikers, 2.The Rioters, and 3.The Last Man Battalion.

You are also fighting these groups while there is a genetically engineered virus killing the whole world.

One day, I was bored and saw The Division in my games, and started a new game. I enjoyed it and started to progress a lot.

I am coming back to the game, even though I didn’t get far in the storyline when I first started to play. Now I am the highest level you can get in the storyline.

The Division was released on March 8, 2016, and a lot of people liked the graphics, but didn’t like how it played (including me) so they left.

The graphics are great, and you can see this while you are traveling to a mission or helping a civilian. The play style is also great with controls close to other games.

When I got to level 30 ”the highest level,” I didn’t know how to progress more. I went into a mission with a very good player, and got a lot of really good gear that helped me.

From then on I just started to group up with other good players that told me how to progress. They all really helped me.

There is also the Dark Zone, which gives you better gear than what you get in the storyline area.

While the players in the Dark Zone can be more mean and kill you and take your gear, you may find some players that help you get gear in the Dark Zone.

Finally, If you don’t find good players to play with, you are not going to have a fun time progressing, this is why I would give this a B+ for the average person, but an A from me. With a price of $15 at Gamestop, Tom Clancy’s The Division is a great game.