Rampage: A Crowd Thrilling Movie


“Rampage” is a great movie with a lot of twist and turns and has a good storyline, but you have to pay attention to understand the whole story line.

Exciting, “Rampage,” a movie starring Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, excites the audience with lots of adrenaline.

“Rampage” is a movie filled with comedy and action about a man who works at an animal sanctuary and helps out the animal. One night, weird science experiments from space come down to hit earth and affect all the animals, making them have more growth hormones and more aggression. The man has to figure out how to cure his mutant friend and save the world.

The main characters consist of Davis Okoye (played by Dwayne Johnson), Agent Harvey Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Brett Wyden (Jake Lacy), and Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman). The main animals that are infected by the weird science experiment are George (albino gorilla), Ralph (wolf), and Lizzie (alligator).

“Rampage” is a movie where people have to pay attention to understand the whole plot.

First, you start in a peaceful animal sanctuary and later you are in a plane that later explodes.

One can obviously understand how confusing the storyline is without paying attention.

Although the storyline is confusing, the director, Brad Peyton, still wrote the movie very well.

The characters were well played and the acting was perfect. They made the main animals in the movie look very realistic and they still made the graphics very realistic.

Most of the action happens at the end of the movie, which is a little sketchy for a movie. But, there is a lot of comedy to make up for it in the beginning and there is a lot of things you need to understand before watching the end of the movie.

The end of the movie is where most of the action happens. ‘The Rock’ has to find a cure to cure his friend and later fight the other animals if he cures his friend.

All in all, I would give this movie an A- because there are some very confusing parts but, this movie shows the genres that are very well favored by most people.