Pollen Allergies in PE Pose a Problem


Many kids suffer from pollen and seasonal allergies. Many kids struggle to keep running, catch their breath and do physical activities due to pollen inhalation.

On average, kids without allergies have an 8:40 minute mile time. On the other hand, kids with allergies have a 10 minute mile time on average. That’s an entire one minute and 20 seconds more.

The reason the mile time is a lot longer is due to pollen inhalation. When pollen is inhaled as an allergen, it causes many reactions.

These include coughing and wheezing. This can make it difficult to catch your breath to continue running. This leads to longer, and harder miles for people with pollen allergies.

Miles are one of the many aspects of PE, but these allergies can affect any outdoor physical activity. There is not much change that can we can do about the pollen allergies, since the school has trees everywhere.

Doing a little something is better than doing nothing about the pollen allergies. The indoor mile could be used every week for kids with allergies. Others could run the normal outdoor mile.

Outdoor sports are a big part of PE, so there aren’t many changes that can be made in that department. More indoor sports might not be a good idea, because getting fresh air after being in a stuffy classroom is good.

Outdoor sports should be saved for when it’s not allergy season. For example, during the spring, more indoor sports should be chosen. A few examples are tumbling, ping-pong, and wrestling.

Thirty-five percent of children are affected with pollen allergies, so taking these steps may help with easing the coughing and breathing troubles of many kids.