Four Goal Soccer Ends


Every May, Cavitt has the intramural four-goal soccer. Four-goal soccer is a game where you have two goals you have to score on and two you have to defend. Many kids at Cavitt that play soccer enjoy this intramural.

A representative from the white team, Mustapha Hadi, participated in four-goal soccer. He participated in it because he really enjoys soccer and plays the sport competitively. He plays the position striker.

Disappointed, Hadi says, “I didn’t really enjoy it because there were a lot of ball hogs, everybody was just running around, and most people weren’t very good at the sport.” He would rate it a seven out of ten because it was only okay. He said he wouldn’t recommend it to other people that play soccer.

Jacob Olberding, a maroon representative, says that he participated in four-goal soccer because he wanted to beat the gold team. His favorite position to play is the middle position because he thinks it is really fun to always run around the field and play in every position. Jacob plays soccer as a competitive sport. Olberding would rate this intramural a 7 out of 10 because it wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be.

  Olberding says that some bad things were there were four goals, and they were too hard to keep track of. There were also no positions, so everyone was running around randomly. “It was just too crazy overall.”

Who? He would recommend it to people that don’t play soccer because it is a good experience and it slightly helps develop your soccer skills. The only problem is that you don’t get the real feel for soccer.

In the end, seventh grade Gold beat every other team for a spot in the championship.. This earned them the championship for seventh grade.

On Tuesday, May 2, the seventh gold will challenge eighth grade maroon for the championship.

Overall, the players had a lot of fun with this intramural. They hope that Cavitt will bring this intramural back next year.