Cavitt’s Bands Performed in the Spring Concert


On May 16, Cavitt’s bands performed for family and friends at the Spring Concert.

For the concert, Cavitt’s Concert band and Symphonic band played the songs that were performed at the Golden Empire festival and the Spring tour competition, and also gave new songs their debut.

Along with the Concert and Symphonic band, a fantastic drumline that was conducted by Wade Quinn played as an opening, and a girls’ jazz combo performed spectacularly as well.

Leaving everyone upbeat, the Cavitt Jazz Band presented an amazing performance and closed the concert.

During each performance, Mrs. Van Den Bogaerde presented one girl and one boy with an award for outstanding musical skill, with a special director’s award for Jennifer Wolfe’s trumpet playing.

This was the first spring concert where Ridgeview Elementary’s fifth and sixth grade bands did not perform with Cavitt’s bands, and had their own concert on a different day. Also, the Spring Concert was the last performance for the parents of the year, but at the end of the year, the seventh grade band will play at the eighth grade graduation ceremony.

After all the marvelous playing, there was a varied buffet of fantastic desserts and foods open for everyone at the concert.  

Mrs. Van den Bogaerde, the band teacher, said, “I thought the bands did great! I feel all bands (and Jazz band) performed very well and made good improvements on the pieces this year.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Spring concert,” concert band trumpet player Elyse Kasai stated. “The band put so much time and effort into improving and perfecting their songs.”

Along with the parents’ performance, Cavitt’s bands performed for the school during the last monthly awards ceremony, and will perform at eighth grade graduation.