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The Shack Is Good, but Some Changes Would Make It Better

Trent Todd, Staff writer

September 22, 2017

Filed under Opinion

The snack bar is good but… I have many opinions on it. The snack shack is great, but changes would make it better. Some changes would be easy if we could convince the principal to make them. Other changes will take a little ...

Why We Should Have the Right to Use Cell Phones During Break and Lunch

Daniel Falk, Staff writer

September 21, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Have you ever wanted to use your cell phone during break? I’ve wanted to use my phone during break for many reasons, and students should be able to do that. We could watch YouTube and other videos to help us get ready for...

Delicious New Treat at the Snack Bar

Elle Danielson, Staff writer

September 21, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Along with new electives and new teachers, Cavitt has added a new treat to our snack bar: the frozen yogurt. This new treat has taken Cavitt by storm, and I totally agree with all of the student who are buying this cold, delic...

Running 5,280 Feet Every Week: The Mile Is Extreme for Some Students

Cole Hough, Staff writer

September 19, 2017

Filed under Opinion

For those who don't know, Cavitt students run the mile every Monday, or other day during the week. I personally do not care if we run the mile or not; it's not fun but it's not the worst. Some students also share my opinion and don'...

Why You Should Start Planning Your Vacation to Croatia NOW!

Charlotte Que

September 22, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Doesn’t everyone want to go to Paris, but avoid the major crowds?  Well, Croatia is a great substitute. Croatia is right next to Italy, and was once part of former Yugoslavia. It is also along the Mediterranean Sea, wit...

Donald Trump for President

Jack McGarty, Staff Writer

June 4, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Donald Trump is now the 2016 GOP nominee for President of the United States, and it wasn’t easy getting there.  And now that he’s there, it’s important he go the rest of the way to win the general election in November. ...

La Liga Is the Best Soccer League in the World

Kenechi Onuaguluchi, Staff Writer

June 3, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Sports

There are more than one hundred professional soccer leagues in the world, and in my opinion, La Liga, consisting mostly of Spanish teams, is the best one! The battle for the best league has been a close competition between the La...

Art Thou Going to Support an Art Club?

Jessica Yim, Staff Writer

June 2, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Cavitt Junior High School should form an art club. Having an art club at Cavitt would allow students to learn from others, improve their work, and have an enjoyable time expressing their feelings through art. One reason to s...

Intramurals at Cavitt

Carter Williams, Staff Writer

June 2, 2016

Filed under Opinion

The intramurals at Cavitt are very exciting to watch and participate in. They are an exciting way to enjoy your lunch. When playing in the intramurals, you play with your first period class or you can play by yourself for ...

Which NBA Players Would Form the Best Starting Lineup of All Time?

Nick Poulos, Staff Writer

June 2, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Sports

In the NBA, there has been many great players, but few of them have reached the title of superstar. All NBA players are phenomenal athletes, however, few are titled as good players. Every once in awhile people debate over who ...

Snack Bar Should be Open in the Morning

Blake Clements, Staff Writer

June 2, 2016

Filed under Opinion

The snack bar should be open in the morning! Studies have shown that if students do not eat a good breakfast, they’re faced with a challenging day with no energy. They do say it is the most important meal of the day. This idea h...

The Act of Bringing Large Sodas to School

Thomas Collison, Staff Writer

June 1, 2016

Filed under Opinion

The bringing of large sodas to school is not allowed. There are many reasons why it should be allowed, and here are the reasons why. One reason is that being able to share with my friends is a very kind thing to do.    ...

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