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Lack of Shade Structure Causes Commotion

The Cavitt Chronicle staff and Irini Alexandrou Barcelo

October 1, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Cavitt Jr. High School’s inadequacy of shade makes this school want a shade structure very badly. This school only allows its students to sit and eat their lunch in the hot California sun, therefore, causing students to ...

School Should Start Later in the Day

Atakan Cokgor, Staff Writer

May 28, 2015

Filed under Opinion

A school day at Cavitt officially begins at 7:50, which it too early of a time for students who wish to get a good sleep. The beginning of the school day should be moved to a later time such as 8:50. The main reason for this...

Buses Due for a Change

Drake MacDonald, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Filed under Opinion

The buses at Cavitt Junior High have been the same for a long time; however, huge innovations need to be made to change how buses are run. The adjustments include phones being able to be out during the ride, more routes, installed...

Girls Need Equality in Physical Education Sports

Kiana Beheshtian, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Filed under Opinion

There are many diverse opinions on why girls are worth two points, while boys are worth one point when they score in P.E. sports. ln the sports during P.E., girls get the advantage of gaining two points when they score for their...

How Dress Code Hurts the Future

Jade Vohland, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Filed under Opinion

"When you interrupt a girl's school day because her shorts are too short, or her clothing is immodest, you are telling her that hiding her body is more important than her education. You are telling her that making sure the bo...

Running the Mile in P.E.

Molly McEvoy, Staff Writer

May 22, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Opinions on running the mile widely differ depending on the person. Based on my opinion, people who are usually good, fast runners seem to like it more, and people who go at a slower pace seem to dread it. I have mixed feelings...

The Sport That Throws You Far Away

Troy Hubiak, Staff Writer

May 21, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Although there are other enjoyable sports to play, one of the most underrated, exhilarating sports is Ultimate Frisbee, an active game played on a rectangular grass field.  This sport has many great features; however, some adjustments...

Athletes Need a Break

Chloe Harden, Staff Writer

May 21, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Speaking for all of the athlete students at Cavitt, a break from some running and physical education would be nice. Most sports involve a lot of running and being productive. Not saying that athletes shouldn't do physical education,...

Longer Passings Improve Student Life

McKenzie Keith, Staff Writer

May 20, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Many students have to rush to their next period class everyday, and they only have four minutes to do so. This is why I and many others think that passing time should be extended to around six or seven minutes. Students would...

New Spirit Days

Elora Fowler, Staff Writer

May 19, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Spirit days are supposed to be fun; however, students don’t usually participate unless the prize is really worth it. So what if students were allowed to vote for some of the spirit days, instead of simply picking from a small...

Do the Promotion Ceremony Inside the Gym

Bella Rapozo, Staff Writer

May 19, 2015

Filed under Opinion

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015 the eighth-graders of Cavitt Jr. High School are doing a Promotion Ceremony. In past years, many of the students and members of the audience have suffered from the heat. I believe that the school should...

Save the Ocean and Stop Wasting Plastic

Hannah Coons, Julian Swartz, Josh Zlomke, and Forrest Daly

May 1, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Showcase

Editorial note: The editorials related to the plastics issue refer to fictional bills from eighth grade history classes that will be debated on the Capitol trip on May 7.   Plastic is used in many items daily worldw...

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